Easy Automotive Parts Pricing Online

Open up more possibilities when sourcing and managing parts pricing as Repairers with Parts Suppliers servicing the Auto Collision Repair industry.

Parts Pricing Quotes, Orders & Credits

Repairers, send pricing quotes from your quoting package systems to parts suppliers and process orders. Suppliers get to provide competitive pricing as well as order and delivery updates with tools to help resolve parts credit request as parts are receipted on delivery online and quickly.

Why choose Partssearch


Get competitive Parts pricing with Stock status from Suppliers.

Making decisions on which parts to purchase based on availability is hard enough. Suppliers can list stock availability for each priced part, location and number of days wait, to help in your decisions.


Quick select pricing calculation for speedier decision making.

Use a parts pricing picker based on best pricing across all invited suppliers pricing or custom pick. Get instant profit breakdowns across your picks.


Get quotes for Supplements direct for quick approval and order.

Need to run orders for supplements quick. You can directly send through your order request for your trusted suppliers to put parts on the next available run.


More ways to send pricing information.

Don’t just send a price, add a price with stock availability & comments. Save time on phone calls give your customer more information to allow them to decide quicker. More ways to link your customers part description with actual part number records from your DMS.


Send direct quotes for Supplements for quick repairer approval.

Turn over the phone approvals for supplements into quick orders to get parts on the next available run or interstate delivery.


Speed up pricing and credits processing with your Repairer Customers using your DMS.

We have created an API for your DMS providers to easily push and pull information digitally from Partssearch to your DMS. Saving your Parts interpreters and account managers time whilst improving accuracy of parts returned for credit. We have a lot more features planned in this space to give you more value for money.


Not just another parts pricing system...

Get greater in-site from our data analytics into your own customers quote and order patterns. View parts ordering statistics in the Partssearch marketplace being processed every day in your region and beyond by make, model and parts number or part group.


Fees are based on a percentage of Net Sales.
Plans are scalable starting with Standard up to our Premium offering which gives you more to grow your parts sales business.

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